An interesting Find.

A good case for Universal Salvation can be found here.

“1. The NATURE, CHARACTER and ATTRIBUTES of GOD. The nature of God is LOVE. This love is infinite in degree unlimited in extent, and endless in duration. It therefore extends to every sentient being that ever did, does now, or ever will, exist in the universe. In character, God is kind, good, benevolent, merciful and just. God’s attributes are omnipotence omniscience, omnipresence, infinite wisdom, holiness, justice, mercy and truth. Every quality, characteristic and attribute of God, is under the supreme control and direction of goodness or love. God is the primary cause of all things He is, therefore, the author of man’s existence; and, consequently, his Creator. God never acts without a design. He must, therefore, have had some design in creating man. God is impartial. He has, therefore, the same design in creating all men, that he had in creating the first man. God is good; and no good being can act with a bad design. The design which he had in creating man, and the design which He has in creating all men, must therefore be good. To create beings for misery, would be to create them with a bad design. To create beings for happiness, would be to create them with a good design. Therefore, God created man for happiness; and the existence which he conferred upon him, he designed to be, on the whole, a blessing and not a curse.”



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