For the Heavy Sceptics Part 1

3 Reasons to believe in God that Can Be Proven from the Couch.

You may think that rediculous because anthing can be proven from the Couch with a laptop, but my aim is much more extravagant; I’m claiming to put forth three reasons that don’t need a computer to be proven. Just a rational mind.

1. Ontological Argument

God is the Greatest Being Imaginable; which entails that where some property has value, that property and it’s greatest degree are set in this being. But this does set me up for some dangerous downfalls; some values can’t be based objectively, and that a being can be greatly finite in the same property. I’ll deal with the former first: Yes- some values are not objective, but shouldn’t we at least give them the Warrent they profess to have until proven otherwise? Else we doubt the whole epimistic system and all knowledge comes to ruin.

Now the second objection: That’s a false starter; by saying that something is the greatest ‘negation’ or limit to a value is in practicality saying that it is the least. The greatness in this regard is that it is the smallest- a mere facade of language.

Now to get off the ground a bit: This hypothetical entity is a person because personhood is greater than that of nonpersonhood. There’s greater value in a man than a stone. Greater value in a man than in diamonds or gold. Yes, more than diamonds or gold and pearls or gems.

So the ideal person is one who is ethically sound, Omnipotent, and omniscient. Not only this; they hate evil with a holy passion, and love what is Good both to infinite degrees. For it is glorious to see a man of ethics be both loving towards the one who duty is due and to goodness itself. To expound: it is greater to seek the good of Love’s object than to simply to be ethical for  the sake of ethics. Greater still  being of beauty to the highest degree.

I’ve probably missed quite a few things, but I pray my point is understood in what I’m describing is an ideal; not simply to the intellect, not simply to the artist, but to the heart. I’m not arguing for some moral monster who slaughters his creatures in a drunkards wrath. I’m arguing for an awesome Father; a being who seeks the good and well-being -emotionally aswell as physically- of it’s beloved. I’m arguing for a being who doesn’t simply love a single man, but all men, all women, and all children; for his love is greater that that of the Christian God of Tradition.

I’m arguing for an ideal to man. Whether some things on man ought to be adjusted to apprehend this ideal, or whether this ideal falls short it is another matter. All that matters in the end is that this ideal be realized as necessity.

So this ideal being; of which nothing greater can be imagined is possible- as far as I can see, since it isn’t contradictory- must exist. For it would be lesser a being if it didn’t exist than if it did. If it exists, it must be impossible for it to not exist; for it is greater to exist necessarily than to exist contingently- for if it were contingent, it couldn’t be omnipotent.  Hence if we are to take all ontological ideals and realize them, we see that the ideals are all one necessary ideal; namely an ethical persona with unlimited creativity, power, knowledge, beauty, and love.

Objection; Nice Word Games

All the Ontological Argument is equates to a semantic magic trick; I can conceive of ‘The greatest conceivable Island’ and claim it necessary.”

The difference between the Ideal and the Greatest Conceivable Island is that the ideal is the greatest entity with the greatest properties. On top of that, if that’s dubious; again omnipotence requires necessary existence. A being with infinite power can’t create itself – or for that matter anything else -ex nihilo when it pleases: what is omnipotence if it can’t do anything?

“Still a word game…”

I tend to believe all sources of experience until a contradiction arises- and there is no contradiction in believing that this being exists, nor from the A priori truths (nor nature of a priori truths) that construct it.

“If it’s possible that God exists it’s possible that he doesn’t exist.”

If God didn’t exist he wouldn’t be God. For God is the Ideal; the greatest conceivable being.

And that is the God of whom I worship.


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