Short Story

One of my short stories: The Tale of Mr. Cato Aonman.

A lot of the ideas I implemented can be found in “Miracles” by C S Lewis, “Warrant and Proper Function” and “Warrant and Christian Belief” by Alvin Plantinga. I also threw in Wormwood and Screwtape from Lewis’s “Screwtape Letters”. I’m not going to pretend I own them, though I may have missed a couple of things.



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  1. ftsdan12 says:

    I love how Cato explains his love, you can really feel his love for her.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, I appreciate your feedback.


  2. Leslie Hidley says:

    it doesn’t link to the story! LH



    1. Sorry, I was working on it when I accidentally published it. Hope you enjoy!


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